Fire Protection Associates Degree in Delaware

If you live in the state of Delaware and you are looking for a career that involves fire protection, then you need to start off with an associates degree from an accredited Delaware university. There is a broad range of jobs and activities that you would be qualified for when you use this as your educational foundation.

What is a Fire Protection Associates Degree?

The most important thing to remember about an associates degree in fire protection is that it does not qualify you to be a firefighter. While you can apply what you have learned to the field of firefighting, you would still need to complete the state-mandated firefighting training classes to be a firefighter.

A fire protection associates degree is a specialized technician who understands the technologies involved in fire protection and is also very familiar with state and local fire codes and laws. You will have the experience necessary to present a full-scale alarm system to the owner of a large commercial building, and you will also have the know-how needed to design and install sprinkler systems.

Career Path

The career options you will have after achieving your fire protection associates degree are broad. Some of the more common careers people choose after obtaining this degree include:

  • Fire protection equipment sales professional and/or installer (sprinkler systems, alarm systems, etc.).
  • Design engineer for fire protection systems for commercial and residential properties.
  • Risk engineering for businesses that have significant warehouse, office, or retail floor space.
  • Loss adjuster or investigator for the insurance industry.
  • In the state of Delaware, the average fire protection professional with an associates degree can expect a starting salary that ranges anywhere from the low $30,000 per year range, up to the middle $40,000 area.

    Associated Tools

    Identifying potential fire danger areas and developing the means to protect people from the danger requires an understanding of a broad array of tools. For example, engineers who design and implement sprinkler and alarm systems will become savvy in the latest design software programs.

    You will also become familiar with the parts and equipment involved in installing fire protection systems. This includes the computerized sensors as well as all of the mechanical equipment that carries the water to the sprinkler systems and operates the monitoring functions of a fire alarm.

    You will also become fluent in the use of design equipment as well as all of the fire detection equipment used by professionals. You will also be asked to rate the various fire protection equipment and recommend the best products to your clients.

    Who You Would Work For

    There are many different fire compliance laws in the state of Delaware that apply to all commercial, government and residential structures. The talents of a good fire protection professional would be needed by engineering and architecture firms that are required to comply with all of the local fire codes and laws.

    You could be employed by a local government agency to inspect buildings for fire code protection violations. Your skills could also be required by insurance companies who regularly inspect commercial client properties to make certain that all local fire codes are being obeyed.

    If you are more interested in the business side of fire protection, then you could embark on a career in sprinkler or alarm sales. You could choose to sell to residential clients, or you may want to go for something bigger and sell commercial installations.

    The Skills You Will Need

    A fire protection professional requires a broad range of skills to be successful. You need to be adept at using a computer and at understanding drafting and design software. It would also help to be able to reference Delaware fire codes via the Internet when working on alarm or sprinkler systems.

    You will need to be thorough in your work as a fire protection expert answers to his customers and the government. There is a need for strong presentation skills that will allow you to get your point across on the many important topics that your job covers.

    Fire protection experts are able to apply scientific theory towards solving problems that involve the proper installation of a sprinkler or alarm system. In order to put fire sensors in areas where they are needed, you must understand the physics of air flow and all of the other elements that go into creating a fire.

    A fire protection associates degree in the state of Delaware is the first step towards a career in a growing field. Once you have your degree, you will find that your talents will open up a significant amount of doors and present you with a very bright employment future.

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