The Fire Prevention Division

The Fire Prevention Division in counties throughout Delaware has many important roles they play. Often referred to as the Fire Marshal's Office, the fire prevention division is responsible for creating and carrying out necessary fire safety measures to secure the safety of the citizens and building structures in their area. Common facilities that benefit from the services provided though the Fire Prevention Division in a specific area include schools, restaurants, churches, medical care facilities, nursing homes, apartment complexes, and other large commercial properties.

Code Enforcement

Enforcing the fire safety codes that are established for various properties throughout a community is a time consuming responsibility for the fire prevention division. Fire safety codes are implemented to ensure that a property is safe to use for its sole intended purpose without creating risks due to fire and other hazards that can jeopardize the lives and well being of those that utilize the premises. The fire marshal within the fire prevention division is responsible for conducting inspections on properties that will determine any hazards or concerns that must be corrected. Depending on the extensive nature of the violations that are found by the fire marshal the property may be closed down for use until the code is met.

Some of the more common code enforcement concerns that arise during the course of an inspection by the fire marshal's office include electrical receptacle usage, presence and condition of fire extinguishers, fire and smoke alarm operation, capacity enforcement, and safety information poster placement. These are just a few of the issues that are checked during a fire safety inspection.

Fire Education

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for creating and implementing fire safety courses throughout their community. This includes the well known Risk Watch Program that is taught in Delaware schools to children in grades kindergarten through sixth grade. To reach children of this young age the Fire Safety Division utilizes a dog like mascot named Sparky. Sparky speaks to children about how to avoid situations that can cause building fires and place children and other occupants of the property at risk. Through hands on activities children that take part in the Risk Watch Program learn helpful tips to get themselves out of a high risk fire related situation should they every encounter them at home or out in the community. The Stop Drop and Roll method is one of the first lessons these children will learn.

The Fire Prevention Division also creates educational programs aimed at fire safety for other residents within their community including nursing home residents, hospitals, and other such facilities that have large groups of people present regularly. You will also find educational programs and booths created and operated by the Fire Prevention Division available at fairs, local entertainment events, fundraisers, and other types of community oriented functions.

Smoke Alarm Program

The Fire Prevention Division offers a smoke alarm program throughout all areas of Delaware. This is a program that is designed to ensure that everyone has a working smoke detector in their home or residential dwelling to alert them of a fire. While people can claim that they are unable to afford to purchase a smoke detector on their own, the smoke alarm program through the Fire Prevention Division gives everyone the ability to obtain a smoke alarm free of cost so that themselves and their family members will experience a heightened level of safety and security where fire related risks may be an issue. This department also will perform safety testing on current smoke and fire alarms that people already own if they are worried about the dependability of these alarms.

Fire Permits

It is mandatory that every business throughout Delaware have a fire permit for their premises. These permits show that a building is safe for others to utilize. In depth inspections are performed by the fire marshal prior to having a fire permit issued. These permits establish a safe capacity for the property that must be carried out by the property owner at all times. Should violations be found that go against the fire permit's stated limits the property can be shut down or the fire permit can be revoked.

Whenever you want to learn more about the fire regulations within your area, you can always contact the Fire Prevention Division in your community. This department will either provide the assistance with answering your questions or give you accesses to the resources that will help you. There are different hours of operation for every Fire Prevention Division throughout the state of Delaware.

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