Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulations

Regulation 701 – Administration and Enforcement
Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulation 701 addresses the manner in which all fire related laws, codes, and enforcement practices are to be carried out throughout all communities of Delaware. Policies and actions of the fire prevention administration within the state of Delaware are clearly stated so that the responsibilities by all individuals that hold a position within this department can work in unison with firefighting personnel, emergency responders, law enforcement, and the citizens within the state of Delaware. Specific dates for meetings, audits, and enforcement of codes are outlined for easy guidance by all individuals that these regulations address.

Regulation 702 – Fire Prevention in Building Construction
Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulation 702 focuses on the purpose of establishing escape and emergency rescue routes throughout all public buildings within the State of Delaware. Specific guidelines are addressed for all special circumstances such as individuals with wheelchairs, bedridden individuals and others with certain limitations that may otherwise hinder their escape during a fire related emergency. The purpose of this regulation is to ensure that during remodeling, renovating, or construction of any type of building certain fire safety equipment and designs are incorporated into the building plans.

Regulation 703 – Installation, Operation, Maintenance, Testing and Sales of Signaling Systems, Fire Protection Systems and Fire Extinguishers
Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulation 703 addresses the purpose of installing, operating, maintaining, and testing all types of fire alerting systems, fire suppressant equipment, and other such factors that are required in all types of building structures including residential dwellings throughout the state. This regulation defines the specific procedures for performing these duties in a manner that will minimize the amount of injuries and fatalities that occur during the event of a structural fire. Inspection requirements on all systems and equipment that is installed for the purpose of preventing or alerting a structural fire are also explained thoroughly throughout this State mandated regulation.

Regulation 704 – Hazardous Processes and Operations
Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulation 704 states the operation in which fireworks and amusement events shall be conducted throughout the State of Delaware. Firework displays, sales, and discharging are all addressed throughout this regulation for the purpose of enforcement by all public service and emergency responding personnel, as well as vendors, event coordinators, and pyrotechnic professionals. This regulation does also state the operation of amusement events including but not limited to rides, electrical setup, licensing, and insurance activities involved with said events that take place throughout the State of Delaware.

Regulation 705 – General Fire Safety
Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulation 705 guidelines the general fire safety rules that are put in motion throughout the State of Delaware. Laws concerning fire drills in educational facilities, hazardous burning situations, fire hazards on private properties, and more are clearly defined for enforcement purposes. Waste disposal sites, combustible waste, lighting and heating equipment, and more are all addressed within this state fire regulation for easy understanding by both professionals enforcing these laws and citizens that are expected to follow them.

Regulation 706 – Specific Occupancy Requirements
Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulation 706 outlines the fire prevention and suppression practices that must be incorporated in special occupancy buildings throughout the State of Delaware. These buildings include but are not limited to multi-family apartment complexes, nursing care facilities, institutions for mentally handicapped individuals, and other such dwellings. The purposes of this regulation provide specific instructions for the installation and maintenance of smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, exit routes, and more.

Regulations 707 – Reserved

Regulation 708 – Fire Department and Ambulance Company Administrative Standards
Delaware State Fire Prevention 708 states that all fire and ambulance companies that operate throughout the state of Delaware must have financial audits conducted on a regular basis. This does include volunteer fire and ambulance providers as well as their approved subsidiaries that serve the State of Delaware.

Regulation 709 – Fire Service Standards
Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulation 709 focuses on the valued service provided by all firefighting personnel that serve the many communities throughout the state. This regulation sets a clear level of standards for services delivered in the event of a live fire, controlled burning events, and all other services that are overseen by the fire departments within the state of Delaware.

Regulation 710 – Ambulance Service Regulations
Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulation 710 provides for ambulance services throughout the state that are delivered in a consistent and coordinated level that ensure the highest quality of care for those in need. Specific acts within this regulation focus on the quality of care, timeliness, and coordinated efforts from all ambulance service providers throughout the state.

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